How to Take Photos Underwater

Can you take photos underwater while propelled only with the best snorkel gear? With a decent camera and a good pair of snorkel and fins, you can move around underwater taking awesome photos. In this article, we will talk about how you can do that and continue to enjoy snorkeling.

How to Take Underwater Photography with GoPro

GoPro is the most popular camera when it comes to underwater photography. You can shoot videos with it and still photos as well. Its compact size, great variety of frame rates, high resolution, an LCD display and its unbeatable price are the things that made it a goto name when it comes to underwater videography and photography. Here are some things that you need to remember when taking pictures underwater with GoPro.

  1. Be steady

It might sound so obvious but when you’re taking videos and pictures, it’s too easy to forget especially in the excitement of the moment. Because of this camera’s wide field view and automatic settings, divers forget that they still need to do their part in order to produce amazing pictures. Even is you’re just a casual photographer, you still need to observe this technique in order to produce nice looking photos and videos.

  1. Shoot with the sun behind you

This is one of the greatest secrets behind good underwater photography and videography. Cameras like GoPro performs well when there is excellent lighting. It is therefore important that you take note of your source of light when taking videos and pictures underwater. If you have more light, you can shoot with lower ISO resulting in less grainy and professional looking videos and photographs.

  1. Note the video resolution to use

The GoPro HERO5 default resolution is 1080p, and framerate of 60fps and a wide field view. If you are just starting out, this is already a very good HD resolution and framerate to start with. As your skills advances, you can experiment with different resolutions and framerates but in the meantime, you are good to go. When you have reached the advanced user level, you can experiment further to show off your skills.

  1. Start shooting immediately

Don’t wait for the paint to dry before you start taking videos and pictures underwater. With GoPros default settings, you can immediately take videos and pictures without climbing the difficult learning curve of other cameras. Just go out there, and point and shoot.


With your snorkel and fins and a decent camera like GoPro HERO5, you can immediately take underwater pictures and videos without really learning too much. If you have a pair of snorkel and fins, you can go on and find a spot where you can take awesome pictures. Don’t wait for too long before you decide to enjoy this amazing sport—snorkeling and underwater photography and videography. There is more life underwater that we all need to discover before it’s too late. Don’t just limit yourself with snorkeling, you can also add underwater photography in your sports arsenals.