Tactical Gear for Travel Photographers

For photographers who travel a lot, they definitely know the importance of carrying everything that they need. You surely can’t afford to forget a single item which may ruin your shots. Especially those who travel abroad and on deserted areas where it would be hard to get anything that you need.


Other than the photography essentials that you need to carry with you, do you realize that you also need to carry some items and tactical gears that will help you through your entire photography work? Since you will be out there and you’re travelling away from home, it is important that you know how to protect yourself. And carrying some tactical gears is such a great idea.

Travel Photography

Travel photography in general is such a fun and an exciting job. Yet alongside with that are the challenges that you might encounter. Most especially those who are travelling abroad, outside the country just to get the perfect shots. You might need to double or even triple your preparation process. Because you need to make sure that you’ve got everything covered and you have packed everything that you need.

There are also other things that you need to think about when you’re into travel photography. And that is your utmost safety and protection. This would also be very important for nature photographers who would even need to go on places, away from the suburban zones, which can be risky at times. That’s probably when you need to bring a tactical gear with you to keep you safe all the time.

Tactical Gears

If we’re talking about protection, there are several things that you can actually do. One of them is to bring some tactical items with you that you can use during emergencies. Bringing a small portable tactical knife or flashlight will never be a hassle. At least you’ll have something that you can take out when you get yourself into trouble. Do you know that you can even bring some handy tactical pens which you can actually use a good weapon in case you need one.

penOne thing that you need to think about carrying tactical gears like pens and knives is – the rules and regulations that might come with it in a certain place. You have to know that regulation vary in different countries and cities. Some may allow carrying tactical items, but some might consider it a threat and won’t allow non-combatants to bring them.

Another important matter that you need to know is that you might not be able to bypass the airport people. Since you will be carrying some tactical items, the airport guards might get into a panic mode when they see that you’ve got a tactical knife on your luggage. The best thing to do however is to check out with the airport rules and regulations first. If possible, ask the authorize person if you’d be allowed to board with that item. If not, then a little bit of sneaking out would work like carrying a tactical pen. Oh, but that should be at your own risk.