Why Hunting Photography Can be so Dramatic

There is more to hunting than just thebest archery sight from the best bow reviews. Hunting photography can be so exciting as well. If you have a decent DSLR, you can go and take those decent shots without benefit of an arrow this time around.

In order to get good photos, try to stay away from the usual “grip and grin” shots. Make sure to tell a story through your photographs. A good game, nice weather, the great outdoor and your personal adventure can all be told through the photos that you take.

Some Tips on Taking Hunting Photographs

If you want to record or tell a story through your photos, there are a few things to remember. Hunting photography is different from other types of photography. You have to be sensitive with the kinds of photos that you take because there are people who might get offended with pictures of dead animals. You have to avoid making it look morbid.

  1. Make your subject the single element of your photo. Avoid showing everything in a single picture by showing only simple elements. On the first glance, no one should be able to mistake the subject of your picture.

  2. Since you want to make the subject stand out better, use wide aperture in every shot. This will blur the surrounding due to the shallow depth of field, making the subject stand out.

  3. Take a picture that will show your environment without revealing your favorite hunting spot. Make the picture interesting without revealing too much of its locations. Show the weather if possible and show the trees too.

  4. To make it more dramatic, make use of the early morning and early evening light. It’s almost impossible to take bad photos during these times of the day.

  5. When the sun is high, you can prevent overexposure by taking shots behind the shadow of trees. Most of the time, you can get good shots of your subjects behind these shadows.

  6. Don’t hesitate to use the flash even if there is ample light in the surroundings. Most cameras these days are smart enough to adjust the light of the flash when there is enough light in the surroundings.

  7. If you want to show motion in some of your pictures, use slower shutter speed. Having some motion blur will add to the drama of the pictures and will bring your audience to it. The will definitely see more life from your pictures with motion blurs.

  8. Take a different angle of your shots. Different angles will give your audience a different perspective of your picture. Take a low angle if you want to show the grandeur of your subjects.

After you have taken some good photos, make sure to share it on Facebook. If you have your own website, share it there as well. You have to be proud of the photos you’ve taken because you have put up some heart to it.